Because we value our Instructor’s time, talent and energy into creating a class and teaching students valuable information, LOTH-U will now charge a tuition fee. Your tuition will pay for administration costs (website hosting, postage, printer ink, etc….), certificates (available for all students who complete a class with a ‘pass’ or letter grade A, B, C), and reward the instructors with an incentive plan.

Tuition fees will be as follows:

  • The cost of 1 or 2 classes, per person, per semester:   $5.00


  • The cost of 3 or 4 classes, per person, per semester:  $10.00


  • The cost of 5 or 6 classes, per person, per semester:  $15.00

Tuition is non-refundable, however, a credit for a future class may be given if there are extenuating circumstances and the Instructor and the LOTH-U Education Department have been notified immediately.

There are two options for paying your tuition, but please note that your registration for classes will not be authorized until payment is received and/or your check or money order has cleared the bank.


Once you have completed the PayPal Option, you will be sent to the Student Enrollment form, so please make sure you have selected your class information.



Step #1:   Please PRINT the STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM and fill in the information.

Step #2:   Please mail the completed Student Enrollment Form along with your check or money order for the number of classes you are taking to:

Ladies of the Heart, Inc.
LOTH-U Enrollment
4212 W Cactus Rd. #1110-115
Phoenix, AZ 85029

Once we have received your enrollment form through PayPal or the Mail, you will receive a confirmation of enrollment, and will be asked to visit our IkonBoard forums to register.


Depending on the classes for which you enroll, you will need various books and/or supplies. The majority of students purchase materials online using Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Instructors are required to post the ISBN number for their books and they are asked to use items that will benefit the students when class is over.


There is no fee for students to receive a Certificate of Completion for their class. As part of your tuition, all students who receive a passing grade (Pass or A, B, C) will automatically receive a certificate from the Ladies of the Heart, Inc., main office in Phoenix, AZ. Certificates are mailed directly to the student within 4-6 weeks after your last class.

If you have any questions regarding tuition, please contact the Education Department.