Policy & Procedures


Our student body is made up a diverse group of people. We welcome students to LOTH Online University from the age of 16 and up. Students are men, women and teens who wish to expand their knowledge on different subjects, learn creative hobbies, or improve their job skills. We have students from across the globe, different religions, different ideas, and different opinions.

LOTH-U faculty expects that each person will respect the right of others to disagree and debate. However, flirtations, flaming, spamming, put-downs, profanity and harassment – of any form will not be tolerated. We expect that instructors students will create a professional and fun atmosphere dedicated to the power of knowledge.

If debates turn in to disagreements, we expect that those involved will take their differing points of view out of the classroom for the courtesy of the other students and instructor.


Getting started is very easy. Before you sign up, please make sure you browse our Student Catalog.

Many classes will have a size limit or age requirement; or they may require specific books or supplies, and before you enroll and pay your tuition, please make sure that you are in the right class. Have a paper and pen handy, or open Notepad to copy the information for your enrollment form.

All students are required to enroll using their First and Last Name. There are to be no nicknames used.

You must have access to email and approximately 2 – 4 hours per week to devote to each class that you register in, depending on the instructors curriculum. Some instructors may require homework, exams, or various days on which you must attend class; while others may instruct their class in an entirely different method by posting reading and homework assignments only.

We are conducting our “classrooms” using Bravenet Chatrooms (Java Script) and the IkonBoard Forums system. Once you have been scheduled for a class, you will be given the URL to the Forum system, and you can register there. Please complete the registration, and log in to the Forum using the assigned password, generated through email.


Our courses are not designed for a degree but to assist you in your daily lives by enhancing your own personal self-worth with the power of the mind, body and spirit in you as an individual. We will be offering everything from job improvement skills to exciting new hobbies that you can learn. Classes are structured from Beginners to Expert, so that you can follow them from start to finish and learn new skills that will enable you to improve your job skills. However, at this time, we are not accredited to be able to offer you degrees.

Many classes will be offered at different times to accommodate work schedules and some will be offered on a rotating basis. Some classes will be 6 weeks, others may be 8 weeks or more. Some classes may be Email Only, and others may require that you enter into the classroom setting using our chatrooms. Before you enroll, please look over our Course Catalog to insure that you meet the requirements.


All Instructors have moderator priviledges on the Forums and the Chatrooms. If at any time students disregard the guidelines in the Student Handbook, the Instructors have been asked to submit the information necessary to ban a student from posting or attending class.

We believe that everyone has the right to learn in an environment free from negativity and arguments and verbal abuse of any type. Profanity, sexual flirtations or harassment, flaming – these are not permitted in any form, and we have adapted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy.


At times, there can be reasons for conflicts between students, and students and instructors. Because of this, we wish to treat everyone with courtesy and respect in all circumstances. If at any time you have an issue that you haven’t been able to resolve outside of the classroom and forums, or you have been a previous student who you believe has been treated unfairly, please contact the Education Department.

Please include the following when you send in your concerns:

  • Name


  • Email and Alternate Email Address


  • Persons involved and their contact information


  • Dates of Incident(s) and copies of correspondence


Instructors will be asked to assign homework where they believe necessary, as part of the learning process is homework and developing new skills. Students will email their homework assignments to their Instructors on the dates she has requested. As much as you will want to move ahead, please stay in line with where the instructor is on teaching her subject.

Because this is a learning environment, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, are an integral part of your homework. Errors will be marked and points deducted, so it is required that you utilize your computers spelling and grammar programs and use correct capitalization, punctuation and paragraph writing where necessary – unless otherwise noted for particular writing courses such as Creative Writing.

Instructors will be asked to assign the following grades and grading scale for their students:

A = 94 – 100%
B = 88 – 93.9%
C = 70 – 87.9%
D = 60 – 69.9%
F = 59.9% and below; recommended to retake class
I = Incomplete; dropped out may retake class
S = Satisfactory completion
N = Needs improvement
U = Unsatisfactory – recommended to retake class

Homework completion, exams, and classroom participation will all play a roll in determining your final grade for your class. There are to be no curves used.

All courses include a final exam, given during the last week of classes. Finals for the Fall Term 2002 are scheduled the week of March 18th thru the 22nd. Do try and have your final exam “in class/conference rooms” if possible. Some classes may require a “Take Home” and that is perfectly acceptable. Students are expected on the honor system to email their exam back to the instructor during the designated return dates & times. There should be no time extension for final exams. All students in your class will receive identical exams.

Final grades will be recorded on your Student Data Base, and sent to students within 14 days of the last day of class.


Each student who enrolls at LOTH University will pay a tuition fee of $5.00 USD per term. Your tuition is good for 2 classes. If you wish to enroll in more than 2 classes, your tuition fee will be as follows:

Tuition 1 person, 2 classes: $5.00
Tuition 1 person, 3-4 classes: $10.00
Tuition 1 person, 5-6 classes: $15.00.

Your registration will not be processed until your tuition is received. For more information on the tuition, books and payment options, please go to: LOTH Online University, Tuition


Registration on the IkonBoard Forums and your classroom/chatroom will be on a First Name, Last Initial. Any student who does not enroll with a full name, and IkonBoard register with a first name-last initial, will have their Forum registration deleted and will need to register again.

It is extremely important that you abide by our guidelines and understand that Instructors will ban students/email addresses of anyone who disregards them. There are no ‘second chances’.

LOTH-U Classroom Guidelines:


  • Please remember that this is a learning environment. People learn at different paces. Classes will have men, women, and teens.


  • Please extend your Instructor the courtesy of not chatting while they are explaining and working in class. Please give them your full attention. The most common notice for interruption with a question or comment is the use of { ? } or { Hand }. The instructor will acknowledge these and call in order of appearance at such a time when she is able and ready to answer questions.


  • Please keep the “colorful language” off the boards.


  • Please no flaming, put-downs, etc… Highly debated classes are the exceptions, but making your point in a well-thought out, researched and adult response will give you insight into new ideas! Everyone has an opinion, its what you say and how you say it that will give you the respect! If you wouldn’t want to read it – then don’t send it!


  • Absolutely no spamming. Spamming and continuing text/rollovers will be cause for immediate expulsion.


  • Please use the same “chat name” you used on the IKONBoard FORUMS Registration, which is your FIRST name and LAST Initial!


Our classroom environment, and study methods are designed so that all members with a PC and MAC unit may participate in LOTH-U, however, those with WebTV may experience some difficulties particularly with the classroom (chat and message rooms) and the appearance of different fonts, colors, etc on their viewing screens. Remember – these classes are based on the PC and the Windows system, therefore, you will need to adjust yourselves to viewing these as such. The only problems that may appear with WebTV would be Email and Printing (if needed).

NOTE: WebTV Students: You are not permitted to send your animations, image and colorful text when you send in homework assignments, so please set up an Internet Email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo for your LOTH-U courses.


At the end of each class, all students who complete the class with a “Pass” or letter grade A, B or C will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Certificates are printed and mailed from the main office of Ladies of the Heart, Inc., in Phoenix, AZ and will be sent within 4-6 weeks from the last day of your class.

Instructors submit the information on the students, so when you enroll, please make sure that you use your first and last name, as this is what will appear on the certificate.


Our instructors are extremely valuable to us at LOTH-U, and we appreciate the effort, time and the talent that goes in to creating and completing a class. Anyone who has a particular field of interest, a hobby that they would love to share with others, and the time and willingness to do so may become an Instructor.

It is very important that you remember the Instructors have a life outside of LOTH-U, and you bestow the courtesy and respect due them. If you cannot make class, sending an email advising of such is expected. If your homework is going to be late, or you don’t understand what is being taught – simply contact your Instructor per their requirements. Their information is always listed in the course descriptions (email, icq, aol, etc…)

In the Forums and in the chatroom, Instructors are also the moderators and will be able to delete or modify any posts or threads, and will also be able to contact the LOTH-U Education Director and have IP and Email addresses banned.


If at any time you are unable to contact your Instructor, or you have questions, conflicts or concerns about any aspect at LOTH-U, please contact the Education Department. At LOTH Online University, our goal is to create a safe, fun and learning environment for everyone involved.