Welcome to our Ladies of the Heart Online University. Entering our second year of enrollment, LOTH-U is looking forward to a rewarding experience of serving you our students.

LOTH-U is now open to the ‘general internet public’ – men, women and teens over the age of 16. While some classes may be offered for younger children, we ask that you please respect the content of many of the classes, along with the instructors guidelines, and do not allow your younger children to enroll.

Our next enrollment begins on August 1st, 2002, and will be a first come first served basis. Many of the classes we offer will have a size limit, so do enroll early. In the interim, please keep checking back for the schedule of classes we will be offering, questions that may be added into our FAQ and opportunities that may be here for you to become an instructor.

Pages are designed for easy navigation, and links are found in this color. So, anytime that you need to find some help, are interested in a specific topic, search for a link. You are always free to email us at: education@LOTH-U.org.

Currently we are recruiting volunteer instructors, so if you have a skill, and would be interested in volunteering your time and talents to the LOTH University, please visit the Instructors page, and sign up to volunteer your time and talents in one of the classes listed, or one of your own choosing. If you have general questions about the LOTH-U, then please feel free to check out the FAQ pages, and if you don’t see your specific questions answered, please contact the education department.